Switzerland – one of the most beautiful countries in Europe! It’s a long and exhausting drive, but, believe me, it’s worth it. I currently offer guiding services in the area around Grindewald, but I’m definitely going to keep travelling and expanding my horizons to become a true expert on Switzerland. The main attraction in the area I’ve come to know so far is a day trip by cogwheel train that brings you to the top of the mountain Jungfraujoch, an authentic realm of ice and snow. The station is the highest point in Europe reachable by train. You can walk the Aletsch Glacier and if lucky, you’ll get to enjoy unrivalled views of the glacier and the surrounding peaks. A hike to the top of the First peak and a walk along the First Cliff Walk – a walkway suspended on the side of the mountain – requires a bit of courage and bravery.

I personally fell in love with the massive Aareschlucht Gorge. When I walked through it, it brought home to me why Swiss artists living in Dresden named the area between Pirna in Germany and Děčín in the Czech Republic ‘Bohemian Switzerland’ – some of the gorges located in this area are truly small copies of this majestic Swiss formation.

Published: 30. 1. 2020